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Chakra Clock for iOS – Major Update

Chakra Clock – updated for iOS 7, available now Major interface update – crisp and clean works with iOS7 Buy it today

Chakra Chime for Android – Major Update

Just released Chakra Chime for Android   The update you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Additional free sound – Bowl In App Purchase to disable ads and add Thunder and Om Sound   Check it out today!

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation – Only $4.99

Announcing the release of Joyful Journal!

We are pleased to announce the release of Joyful Journal – Gratitude Journaling Application – Available now for Free in the iOS appstore Express your gratitude and enjoy a positive outlook on live. It is clinically proven that expressing your gratitude for the good things in life changes your viewRead More…

Chakra Chime 1.6 for iPhone Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Chakra Chime Version 1.6 for iPhone available now in the app store. New Features and Functionality added! Reminder Alarm added. Set the reminder time, choose your reminder sound, and rest assured that Chakra Chime will remind you when it’s time to meditate.Read More…

Getting the iphone to make some noise!

iPhone applications can be a noisy bunch, as a result apple has built in a silent mode switch to the phone. Which is great, however sometimes I only want to hear certain things and shut out others. There are a few tricks that can help when trying to practice selectiveRead More…

Chakra Clock 1.4 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Chakra Clock 1.4. This release includes support for automatic repeating timers, the addition of a new sound, and many UI improvements. End your meditation with the soothing sound of a thunderstorm Mark the moments in your practice with a repeating timer setRead More…

Announcing the Release of Chakra Chime for Android!

We are pleased to announce the release of Chakra Chime for Android! Features include: Meditation Reminder Alarm Meditation Timer Interactive Meditation Chime Configurable Vibrate functionality and Screen Lock Form more information see the Chakra Chime Application Page Available Now! Free in the Android Market.

Managing the Vibrate Setting on the iOS 5

In iOS 5.0 the vibrate setting has become more sophisticated, and thus a little more complicated. But it does give you full control of when your phone will vibrate and when you’re phone will not. If you have an application that allows notifications to vibrate, such as Chakra Chime fromRead More…

iOS 5 – Adding An App To Notifications

In iOS5 a new configuration grouping was added to manage application Notifications. This means that you can now configure your applications to notify you how you like. They can appear as a banner at the top of the screen, they can appear an alert dialog as with prior versions ofRead More…

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