Getting the iphone to make some noise!

iPhone applications can be a noisy bunch, as a result apple has built in a silent mode switch to the phone. Which is great, however sometimes I only want to hear certain things and shut out others. There are a few tricks that can help when trying to practice selective hearing with your iphone.

This is especially true when using apps such as Chakra Chime and Chakra Clock for the iPhone. You want quiet time to meditate, but you don’t want to be bother by other sounds. Here are some options that may help you.

Option 1) Airplane Mode

Don’t put your phone in silent mode, instead turn on airplane mode.

This will prevent interruptions from calls, text messages, emails, while still allowing your local apps the notify you with sounds when their timers have completed.

Option 2) App in foreground

Do put your phone in silent mode, but leave your application running in the foreground.

Both Chakra Clock and Chakra Chime support screen lock, configurable on the information screen. Screen lock turned on prevents the application from going into the background. When the app is still in the foreground running with the screen on, it can make sounds on your phone even in silent mode. (Note: for longer meditation times this can run down your battery)

Option 3) Silent Mode with Vibrate on

Put your phone in silent mode, but configure your phone to allow vibrate on notify in silent mode. Click here for details on how to configure this.

Also on the information screen in Chakra Chime and Chakra Clock, be sure to turn on ‘Vibrate on Notify’ setting.

Hopefully one of these will meet your needs for getting your iphone to make some Noise!


Put your phone in airplane mode

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