Chakra Clock – Available Now

Chakra Clock – Available now at the itunes appstore here

Enjoy Chakra Clock!

•Interactive Chime and Bowl

••Interactive Chime and Bowl
•Brass Chime with Clarifying Sound
•Ancient Brass Bowl with Deep Ressonating tone

•Perfect desktop clock for tracking the time
•Supports multiple orientations

•Schedule as many alarms as you like
•Turn on all the alarms you want active
•Choice of completion sound (Bowl or Chime)
•iOS 4 notifies you even when the app isn’t running in the foreground

•Run multiple count down timers at once
•Interactive List of running timers
•Run all at once or individually
•Choice of timer completion sound

••Soothing sounds••
••Intuitive Interface••
••Meditation Timers••

•Supports all iPad and iPhone orientations•
••Interactive screen fun for kids an adults••
••Interactive shifting colors enhance the experience••

••Great interface for working on sequential timed tasks
••Great for meditation with a custom timed warning sound before the end

•Integrated volume control
•Silence all button
•Screenlock – to prevent screen from timing out and going black
Note: Screenlock use will use more battery

iOS 4 supports notifications even when the app isn’t running works for timers and alarms

Chakra Clock is:
•Great for meditation
•Working on your daily todo list
•Ending a yoga class with a soothing meditative sound.

***** – 5 star review – my mom says this is the best iphone app ever! 🙂

Want to try before you buy? Check out our free app – Chakra Chime
Available in the appstore:

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