Announcing the release of Chakra Chime – Available Free on the iTunes Appstore

Chakra Chime is here!

A free meditation timer application and interactive chime.

The shifting colors enhance your meditative experience as the Brass Chime focuses your mind.
  • Great for ending a yoga class.
  • Perfect for personal meditation.
  • Fun for kids and adults!
  • Easy to use
  • Great for Meditation
  • Integrated volume control!
  • Interactive Chime!
  • Easy to Configure Timer!
  • Screen Lock
  • Vibrate On Notify (great for ipod users without headsets)
  • Easy sharing and rating funtionality

Feature Note: iphone devices that support multitasking will notify you upon timer completion even after you’ve closed the application! (putting your phone in Silent mode will cause only an alert to be issued and no sound if you have exited the application.) iPad and iPhone 3.x now supported!!! Note: iPhone & iPad OS 3.x only support in app notifications of timer completion.

Available NOW in the itunes app store click here

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