Ergo Timer Pro – FAQ

Thank you for purchasing Ergo Timer Pro. Here are some frequently asked questions along with answers.

Q: How do I make it vibrate if the sound is turned off?

Unfortunately the notification mechanism made available to iphone developers does not allow for a phone to be in silent mode and have a vibrate occur at the same time using local notifications. So when in silent mode the vibrate will not occur.

As a workaround, take your phone out of silent mode, but plug in a headset. This will cause all sound to go through the headset and not be audible to those around you. The headset could be curled up in your pocket with your phone. This will allow the vibrate to occur.

Q: How do I make it send notifications if I am out of the app?

A: On the Info/Config screen, accessible through the (i) button on the top left, there are several options available. To turn off out of app notifications switch the ‘notifications’ flag to ON.

Q: What does Weekday Only Mode do?

A: Weekday only mode is designed for external notifications. When the notifications are created the recurrences will be configured to only fire Monday through Friday