Chakra Clock – FAQ

Q – What does the Gear icon do?

A – This is how you access the configuration screen. See “How do I add my first timer or alarm?” for more information.

Q – How do I add my first timer or alarm?

A – On the bottom right of apps main page there is an icon that looks like a gear. Click on this icon and you’ll come to the timer configuration configuration screen. To add your first timer click on add in the top center of the view. From here you’ll be in the timer config screen. You can choose to make a timer or alarm by making the appropriate selection below the spinners. This selection changes how the spinners display. Then choose the sound you want the timer or alarm to make.

To save your changes press save or done in the top left of the view. The cancel button appears on the top right on the iphone. Pressing this button abandons any changes you’ve made. On the ipad tapping outside of the configuration screen without saving causes the changes to be abandoned as well.

Congratulations, you’ve made your first timer. The timer configuration list page will now contain a list of the timers and alarms you have created.

Q – how do I get a timer or alarm to fire?

A – New timers and alarms are off by default. On the timer configuration list page each timer and alarm has an on/off switch next to it. Turning the switch to on, tells Chakra Clock that you want the alarm or timer to be active.

Q – How to I edit timers and alarms?

A – On the timer configuration list page there is a button in the top right of the view labeled ‘edit’. By clicking this button you go into edit mode.

Edit mode reveals two new buttons for each row in the table.

  • A circle with a line through it on the left
  • A circle with a > sign in it on the right

The circle with the line through it allows you to delete the timer or alarm. Pressing this circle causes the line to go to vertical and a delete button to appear on the far right of the row. Now pressing the delete button will delete your row.

The circle with the > in it is the edit button for the row. Tapping it will bring up the timer configuration screen. From here you can make changes to your existing timer.

Tip: You can also delete timers at any time by swiping across the row from left to right. This will cause a delete button to appear when tapped it will delete the timer or alarm for that row.

Q – Deleting a row for a running timer, does this delete the timer?

A – When you are on the timer view and have running timers you can swipe to delete these rows. Swipe to delete here only deactivates the timer. You can turn the timer back on by going into the time configuration list view and setting the timer back to on.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.