Joyful Journal

Available now for free in the app store

Express your gratitude and enjoy a positive outlook on life.

It is clinically proven that expressing your gratitude for the good things in life changes your view of the world. You look at things a little differently. The world becomes a better place and you just feel better.

Joyful Journal is here for you. Write down the things that make you happy. Write about your day. Write about your cat. Write about your family.

Share with your friends. Email your favorite notes to your favorite people (all versions). You can also share on facebook and twitter (ios 6.0 required)

Focusing on the positive in our lives yields benefits beyond measure.

Bonus: Gratitude Reminders
You can setup joyful journal to send you a reminder throughout the day from a random journal entry. So you can always be reminded of the things you are grateful for.

Gratitude Challenge:
Write for 30 days about what you are grateful for, at least once a day. It could change your world view and make you more upbeat.

Joyful Journal has the features you need to make your journal writing experience great:
-Clean Simple interface
-Keeps track of the time and date entries were created
-Easy to navigate table showing all your past journal entries
-Flag your favorite entries with a star for easy reference
-Filter your table to show all entries or just your favorites
-Reminder Alarm to remind you to write in your journal
-Gratitude Notifications with text from your journal entries
-Multiple sound options for your notifications and alarms

Available now for free in the app store


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