Ergo Timer Pro

Ergo Timer Pro – Available for Download

Available in the App Store for the iPhone – Click Here

Mindfulness and Healing go hand in hand.

This app is about staying aware and remembering to take breaks.

We designed the application to help you remember to take a break. Some suggested uses include:

  • Dealing with stress and needing to remember to take breaks and Breath.
  • Dealing with repetitive stress injuries and needing to stop and stretch.
  • Anyone trying to increase awareness throughout the day.

This is a new release of the application. We’ve listened to your feedback and incorporated many of the changes into this release.

This release includes:

  • Reminder alarm, you can set this for the beginning of your work day to remind you to launch the application.
  • Chakra Community integration allowing you to visit Chakra Community, Read the Blogs and join in the mindfulness discussion.
  • 4 Sound options
  • Customizable Messages
  • Configurable notices can be set as frequent as 5 minute increments.
  • Custom start and end hours for work (down to the minute)
  • Inspiration Banner



  • The notification system is designed to allow you to leave the application for short periods of time. This app allows for 10 out of app notifications.
  • Notifications must be turned on in the options screen for these notifications to be generated. The default value is for these to be off.
  • The application is designed to allow 10 notifications out of app. After this the app should be launched again to schedule new notifications, simply opening the app and closing it will schedule the new notifications.
  • The last notification changes the reminder sound, so you’ll know when the last notification occurs.


  • There are currently 4 sounds available in ergo timer. These sounds can be used for the alarm and the notifications.
  • Message text for both alarms and notifications can be customized. Message will only appear when outside of the application.