Announcing Chakra Chime 1.5.0!

Chakra Chime has just been updated! Available now at the app store Buy Now

New Features Included (as in app purchase):

  • 3 Sounds (Brass Chime, Brass Meditation Bowl, Thunder Cloud)
  • Automatic Repeating Alarms
  • Disabled Advertisements

Additionally the patch includes a fix for the timer font to display properly on iphone 5. For more information go to our Chakra Chime Page.


2 thoughts on “Announcing Chakra Chime 1.5.0!”

  1. Why won’t the timer work every time? It seems that in the morning after 9 am it just won’t work. Very very frustrating to pay for something that doesn’t work

    1. Hi Joylyn, Thanks for pointing out this issue. We’ve reviewed the code and found the defect that was causing this problem. The app has been submitted to apple for review and should be available early next week, around 2/20. Thanks for your help, and sorry for the trouble. – Kevin Goodman Gear

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